I Was Taught By 
The Original Brand Titans
In New York

I got my start working for the last of the legendary Mad Men — the wizards of Ted Bates Advertising who cracked the code for making unknown clients into #1 Brands.
They did it so well--they were famous for selling more products than all the other agencies combined. They did M&Ms (“Melts in your mouth, not in your hands”) and Halls Cough Drops (with “Vapor Action”) and scores of others that are still household names today.

There were just two problems for a rookie like me. First--and this sounds crazy but it’s true--even though THEY knew how to do it, they’d never explain it to the recruits! You were expected to just follow them around and figure it out, or get fired! So, I learned it
by trial and error--writing down the secrets that worked—so I could get it right and keep my job. Eventually, I actually won a major a copywriting award in New York.
Secondly--even though their secrets worked for any size business, they only did it for large national brands. Smaller companies and start-ups couldn’t take advantage of their magic.

Ted Bates Advertising, New York

I Put the Secrets Into A Formula That Anyone Can Use

When I left Bates, I wanted to fix both problems. And after 20 years, Branding over 100 companies, re-writing, refining, and bringing it all together, I had a formula that anyone could learn. It worked in giant corporations all the way down to scrappy start-ups. It worked in every category. And looking back, I was the only person ever to put the Brand Titan’s magic into a specific formula like mine.

The Result: My Clients Made Over $1 Billion In New Brand Value.

I didn’t realize how big the number was until I finally added it up and confirmed it with my clients! None of this is theoretical “Brand Value” calculated in a marketing study.
It was told to me by the CEOs: the difference between their value when we started and the acquisition price of those companies for cash and securities, after they had applied my “Brand Titans” Branding.

My Marketing Books Are Taught By Experts Around The World

Before I began putting my CEO programs online, I shared what I’d learned in several award-winning books: The Micro-Script Rules: How to tell your story (and differentiate your brand) in a sentence…or less, Why Johnny Can't Brand which won the award for "Top 5 Marketing Books of the Year" by Strategy+Business Magazine; and The UnStoppables: Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Power, which became a New York Times Best Seller.

Along the way, I’ve also appeared on shows like CNBC & Street Signs, CNN Money Online and numerous syndicated podcasts and radio programs.


- Simple always wins.
- The narrower your message, the wider and further it goes.
- Story is the ultimate communication tool.
- It’s not what they hear - it’s what they repeat.
- People remember one idea. Make it yours. A Dominant Selling Idea
- Media is about technology. Message is about humanity. We must deliver both.


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