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About five years ago, I heard a story that made my heart break. 

A friend of mine told me about a downtown town coffee shop that had just gone out of business. He really liked the owner, too. He said they had great coffee, great service, and awesome pastries. It was better than Starbucks!

I then asked him a question I always hate to ask: “Did people know about them ... That they were unique?

 Long pause.

“Not-t-t-t really,” he said. “A few regulars did, but... hardly any.”

You see the thing is, when most people think "coffee shop," they instantly think "Starbucks."

Even in that Connecticut town. But with a completely forgettable name like Tim’s Coffee Shop and NO BRANDING WHATSOEVER, they died.

And the worst thing is—THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO! It's a problem most businesses have, and any business could avoid, if only they knew the ONE REMEDY THAT ALWAYS FIXES IT. And I don’t blame the business owners either. I blame the advisors.

The fakers and fraudsters out there everywhere, who tell them they know what “branding” is when they don’t have a clue!

The fact is that 50% OF ALL BUSINESSES have a death sentence the day they open.

And time after time, lack of good branding is the main reason why good businesses die.

Well, that PROBLEM ENDS NOW on this website. 

Because I’ve spent decades creating THE ONE KIND OF BRAND that makes YOU STAND-OUT from EVERY COMPETITOR, whatever your category! I did it for the biggest Global companies down to the scrappiest start-ups from coast to coast.

Because I CRACKED THE CODE of the greatest Branders of all times, THE BRAND TITANS of Madison Ave, New York. The people I personally worked for. They showed me their secrets for making ordinary Brands #1. Then I made it into a formula that ANYONE CAN LEARN. And after years of proving it with my clients, I created this website. And now I’d like to give it to you.  

So, unless your company is already a household name, I’m sure you’ll want to hear what I have to say. It’s the difference between winning and losing in an age of endless competition. 

And like so many business owners, if you’ve EVER WONDERED how you can BREAK THOUGH, get more, let people know you’re as good as you really are—I GUARANTEE YOU THIS: by the time we’re doneI’ll show you how to become the STAND-OUT BRAND – THE FIRST CHOICE OF CUSTOMERS in your niche vs. EVERY COMPETITOR.  

Starting NOW.  

These days, EVERY business needs a Brand. Every single business.

In a moment, I’ll show you how your business can leapfrog over your competitors, whether you’re big or small.

But first, look at how powerful Branding is WHEN IT’S DONE RIGHT, and why you want to follow in the footsteps of the BEST BRANDERS, EVER

Take Fred Smith, who got a C-minus from his economics professor on a paper he turned in for a new business idea. Fred reckoned he knew better and years later, he started a company, now called FedEx.

This is important. The company really took off when it was Branded with a few bold words that were impossible to forget:When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.” Today, FedEx is #54 on the Fortune 500.

Or how about Harland Sanders? His Kentucky Fried Chicken store in Phoenix was on live TV, when a lady called in to complain he was licking his fingers when he ate the chicken! Someone on the set blurted out, Well—it’s finger-lickin’ good!” Harlan picked up what she said. Then he used itone phrase—to make his difference unforgettable. And today, KFC is the second-largest fast-food company in the world.

And you know the famous Wheaties tagline, “Breakfast of Champions?” Great branders came up with that in 1927. Nearly 100 years ago! Yet athletes still drool as they dream of having their picture on a cereal box. And Americans still eat about 15 million bowls of Wheaties a year.  

Great. But what about NOW? And what about Niche Businesses?

That’s the good news. There are riches in niches! Companies that specialize, rake in massive revenues and are getting humongous IPOs.

Like Whole Foods. They used their Branding to create a separate niche for themselves: the healthy foods” supermarket. They’re not as big as Walmart or Kroger (the biggest chains). But they are the biggest “healthy foods” storeand in 2017, Amazon acquired them for $13.7 Billion.

But what if your business is small, not big like these examples? No worries! 

I’ll show you that Go-To Branding works just as well if not better for smaller businesses, too!

Take Home Banking softwarea really obscure niche. I worked with a start-up that had great software—but no name or brand to go with it! They would’ve stayed obscure, too. Until I showed them how to rebrand as HOME ATM. And tell their story in four sentences! 

From then on, they got a land rush of business from banks and kept on going. And just four years later, they sold the company for $170 million.

An even smaller niche is Doctor Dictation. Today, Docs are forced to spend hours a day writing legally required electronic records; time they used to be able to spend with patients.

But then a company called Mobius.MD invented the Swiss Army knife of Doctor

Dictation. Software that cuts dictation time in half and instantly connects with all the hospital record systems!

A complete game-changer. ExceptDoctors didn’t know about it! 

Until I showed Mobius my brand formula. And out came: Dictation Without Limitation.” Docs instantly knew what that meant—and sales took off!

Nick Stokman’s niche was interactive video for business. He had clearly superior technology. His only problem was: his unique benefit took him an hour to explain!! But, once we put the right branding in place, Nick scaled the company… scaled it some more… and watch what happened next… 

"No one could make us stand out in video-tech—until I met Bill. He gave me his formula. Now branding made sense. Customers finally saw our unique value! Long story short, as the press reported, we were bought for $17.5 Million. One day, I woke up a millionaire. My life has never been the same since."

Nick Stokman
Founder and Former CEO, VidGrid

I even branded Oxygen for pilots! Trust me, this matters if you want to stay awake when you fly a plane! I gave Aerox the Branding, “Number One in Oxygen,along with a set of simple Branding statements like: “Aerox is Oxygen Made Easy”. And that did the trick for Scott Ashton’s company:

"I'm embarrassed to say how much we wasted on smoke, mirrors and bullsh*t from agencies when I ran divisions at big companies. So, when my own business needed a brand, I called Bill. He showed us the formula no agency ever had before. Suddenly, the market saw us as #1 in our specialty! It didn't just change our brandit changed our whole company."

Scott Ashton
CEO, Aerox

One of my favorite things about Scott’s company is they’ve found that a Stand-Out Brand does way more than sell.

It actually motivates everyone on the team. People repeat the words too, get excited and have much more productive work together.

I don’t think Scott expected that, but I’ve seen this happen time and time again:  one or two Go-To Branding phrases actually work 10 times better than a long and pondering Mission & Vision Statement that someone spends a year to write, and no one ever reads!

And finally, One of my biggest Branding wins was working with the global Cloud provider Rackspace. Three words, "The Managed Cloud," with a short Brand Story to follow, changed their business history forever:

"Our customers were happy with us, but the larger market didn't get it. Schley fixed that. After he branded us, we sold the company for $4.3 Billion."

Bret Piatt
Former Director of Corporate Strategy, Rackspace

Let me share with you where this all came from—
on this two-minute trailer.

Show Me The Course NOW!

I got my start in Branding working for the last of the legendary Mad Men — the wizards of Ted Bates & Company, a New York ad agency where they could take any business and make it #1 in its category.

They knew exactly how to do this. It was all they did… and… they did it over and over again. Formerly unknown consumer products like Halls Cough Drops (“Vapor Action”) and M&Ms (“Melts in your mouth, not in your hands”) became instant household names and market leaders. For a time, Bates was known to be the agency that sold more products for clients than all the others combined!

There were just two problems: First--and this sounds crazy but it’s true--even though they knew how to do it, they wouldn’t tell anybody. Including rookies like me! They expected all new recruits to just follow them around and either figure it out--or well, get fired! So, I had to learn by trial and error, writing down the secrets that worked, over and over-- until I’d get it right and they’d give a nod of approval. And over the years, I got the hang of it.

The second problem was that even though they could do it for any size business, they only did it for large national brands. Niche businesses and start-ups couldn’t take advantage of their magic.

After I left Bates, I determined to fix both problems. And as I look back, I was indeed the only person ever to put their magic into a formula like mine. It took me 20 years. But I perfected it after working with dozens of companies, re-writing, refining, and bringing it all together… and… I made sure it worked for giant corporations as well as start-ups and more advanced niche businesses.

Again, I was the only one who did this. I put the lost Branding secrets of the Mad Men together so you could learn them.

Now I promised to tell you what Branding really is.

After successfully branding over 100 companies, I can tell you with unshakable confidence, it always boils down to one thing. Something so simple and straightforward that no agency or consultant would ever tell you. 

But I will:

Branding is a DIFFERENCE, attached to your NAME.

Of course, to be sure, you have to let people in your niche know about this all-important difference. But it can’t be just any difference. You can’t just pull one out of a hat on the spur of the moment and expect it to work.

You need to zero-in on a difference so important to your customers that they wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else. I can show you how to discover exactly what that is.

Because I have developed and perfected a formula that discovers the winning difference for your Brand, along with the Brand Story which makes it come alive in the mind of a prospective customer. Once you have this tool, you’ve locked-in your spot as the Stand-Out Brand in your niche. And any good company can find one. You simply have to know where to look!

The formula? It’s a straightforward process of eliminationAnd again, remember—I guarantee it.

Why am I offering this course? 

My clients and advisors have asked the same thing. After all, I get $10,000 a day for an in-person consultation… over $20,000  a month on retainer… to help a company develop their #1 Brand.

I get calls from CEOs and venture capitalists, asking if they can hire me.

But here's why I'm doing the course:

I’ve realized for a long time that there hasn’t been a single resource anywhere to show new entrepreneurs and CEOs of larger businesses how to develop a real Brand that works  a Brand that propels them to #1 in their niche.

What's more, when I look around at what IS available… I’m outraged. 

In fact, frankly, I’m disgusted by all the bad and misleading advice on Branding I see. 

Pretenders masquerading as Branding experts, spewing dangerous nonsense. It’s not helping anybody (except, maybe, them). 

The least damage these know-nothings do is waste your time and budget. The worst they do is blow your company’s potential with a forgettable, punchless brand.

Now, obviously, companies I’ve never met have created their own #1 Brands. Agencies used to know how to do this. But in recent years, all but very few of the great practitioners left the scene.

It meant that in the last few decades, unless you had a completely revolutionary new product, getting a #1 Brand was almost always a matter of luck, or frustrating, time-consuming trial and error.

Well, all that strife and uncertainty ENDS here and now.  

Because I am the only person who has done this: Taken the real secrets and system of The Brand Titansand turned it into a step-by-step, easy-to-follow Formula that makes #1 Brands for my clients. It will work for you too. So that now, YOU get it right. Cleanly, easily, in the absolute fastest time.

Remember, I’ve tested and used my formula successfully with companies of every size. One-person start-ups to Fortune 500s. From Aerospace to Beverages… Snack Foods to Trucking… Big Pharma to Small Law Firms. You name it, I’ve done it.

And now it’s time for me to shift. Because as a consultant, I can personally help at most about 12 companies a year. But so many more people NEED the results of the kind Branding I can give them

Like this tiny company that wasn’t getting any traction called Charity Planner. Since their mission was to make it easier to start private foundations, I immediately changed their name to Foundation Source. Then I showed them my formula that would make their brand #1.

And look what happened

"Our tech was great. But our Brand was so bad, wealth advisors were scared to trust us with their clients. Then, Bill came in and gave us a Brand that inspired confidence. Today, Foundation Source manages $19 Billion in assets."

Chris Infurchia
Former President, Foundation Source

So, I decided I had to make this information available to any company or person who wants it. That’s MY mission.

Now you might be wondering if I can help someone who doesn’t already have years of business experience. You know—I wondered the same thing myself. So I did a little experiment.

Before I even started creating the course, I talked to Brad Voehler. He started a group in San Antonio, Texas that’s now going national, called New Apprenticeship. It helps young people get trained and get hired at the same time.

I agreed to teach my Branding formula to his students.

"I didn't know Bill as a teacher when he offered to do a class for my New Apprentices. I seriously doubted they’d get it. I’ve never been happier to be dead wrong. They hung on every word and went back to their companies to get amazing results from changing their brands. Bill showed them what to do and how to do itand they ran with it!"

Brad Voehler
Founder and CEO, New Apprenticeship

That experience convinced me.  Beyond the shadow of a doubt. If these bright and motivated—but totally inexperienced—'business beginners' could learn and apply my Branding formula… then anyone else could. And to be clear, this course transforms businesses at the highest levels, too.

Take it from this Fortune 500 veteran:

"I’ve led five public companies including Simmons, Carriage Industries, and Interface. I’ve been through Bill’s course and read his books. Please listen to me. Everything Bill teaches is exactly what we did to turn around our Brands. He has the key to creating the best Brand in the world."

Charlie Eitel
Former CEO, Simmons

Here's the complete system that's waiting for you:

The Brand Titans® Master Course

I’ve taken my entire Branding formula, and all the background information and techniques, and broken them down into 15 easy-to-watch, Hollywood-quality video classes. 'Bite-size' pieces of the puzzle. You get everything you need to know about how to become a #1 Brand—as well as fair warning about all the traps and temptations to avoid. (This is the what and the why.)

Here’s a quick tour through the whole course:

I. The Mad Men Foundation (3 classes)

The forgotten secrets of Branding … what Branding is and is not … 3 secret qualities of the best Brands in the world … and much, much more.

II. The Unshakable Framework Pieces (3 classes)

You’ll learn the quick test to confirm your Brand is completely yours … the exact blueprint BrandTitans‚Ą† used for creating stories that sold millions … how Smart Branders own a place in their customers’ minds … and lots more about setting yourself apart and using stories to secure your #1 Brand.

III. The Floor, Walls and Ceiling (5 classes)

7 proven blueprints to position a #1 Brand… the “inseparable couple” of every #1 Brand (you’ve gotta have both) … The 4 vital tests your business name must pass ... and much, much more.

IV. The Finishing Touches (4 classes)

The only 2 types of visuals you use in BrandingHow to make 6 or 8 words have more impact than 6,000… Why smaller companies can Brand circles around the “Big Guys” … and everything else you need to complete your Stand-Out Brand.  

Here's just a small selection of what you'll be watching


EVERY CLASS IS EASY TO WATCH, about 10 minutes each. You can do it ALL IN 4 WEEKS or whatever pace you choose. You’ll have light bulbs going off all the time in these short but power-packed online video sessions!

The Roll-Up-Your Sleeves Sessions

After each Master Class video, you get a second, short, informal video with extra hints and action steps to start implementing what you just learned.

These sessions will steadily move you forward toward building your own #1 Brand. (This is the “how.”)

Here’s a quick selection of video from the Roll-Up-Your Sleeves Sessions...


You get one Roll-Up-Your Sleeves session with each new class.

My Own Private Vault of Brand Stories

A lot of people talk about “Branding as a Story.”  But hearing that from people who really don’t understand Branding (I’m sad to say, that’s nearly everyone else teaching it, these days) won’t boost your sales or your acquisition price. 

My Private Vault of Brand Stories is a power tool that’s one of a kind. All told—these 15 one-page stories were worth over a $Billion dollars in real market value to real companies! I wrote them along with my clients, and their brands instantly had the pathway to #1 in their Category. These are the actual stories that companies paid tens of thousands for. You’ll not only see exactly how they work, they’re yours to model for your own company! 

Most of what’s in here has never been published anywhere before. It’s a treasure trove of Branding Gold that will help you tremendously, when it comes time to put together your own, new Brand Story (which is part of the Master Course).

Your Brand Guardian Policy:
How to Insure the Life of Your #1 Go-To Brand

Your new Brand can easily become your most valued asset—But you’ve got to protect it toofrom the false prophets and bad actors, not to mention competitors, once you’ve got it. This is not a financial insurance policy, but a set of iron-clad rules and guidelines. So no one in your organization or your agency mistakenly pours all that carefully-crafted value down the drain.

I brought in an award-winning journalist turned veteran business consultant to interview me about all the well-meaning—as well as nefarious—things people inside and outside your business will try to do to derail and destroy your Brand value. Don’t let them! I’ll show you how to protect yourself.

Membership in the exclusive Brand Titans Community

Once you enroll, you automatically become a Charter Member of the Brand Titans Community. This special online group allows you to network with your peers and share ideas. One great thing about membership in the Community is you won’t stand alone against the tidal wave of misinformation about Branding that is so widespread in business today. You’ll have like-minded friends and colleagues along with me, to help you focus on what works when you’re a Brand Titans Brander.

Special Brand Titans ONLY Live Coaching Sessions

I’ll start with six of these. The sooner you get in the course, the sooner you’ll have a chance to participate and get your questions answered. In these classes, I’ll also zero-in on topics of special importance. You’ll deepen your understanding and sense of ease about what’s really important—as well as build and strengthen your Brand Titans mindset. Again, this is your opportunity to get personal feedback from me.

Yes! I'm ready to become a Brand Titan!

So how much should I charge for this course?

We’ll start with what my own clients advised me. Remember, I’ve been paid hundreds of thousands for the same information and Branding formula you’ll get here. They told me: At least $5,000 for the course.

And again, I get calls all the time from CEOs and venture capitalists who will gladly pay me thousands per month to be on retainer, to help them develop and roll out their own #1 Go-To Company Brands.

Which, as you already know, has been more than worth it to company after company: Over a Billion dollars to Rackspace. $17.5 Million to VidGrid. $170 Million for a banking software company I branded as “Home ATM, and more.

But—for me it’s a Mission. To help companies that deserve much greater success than they’re currently getting—and would be gettingif they had their Branding right.

To protect companies against the dangerous (I must even say dishonest), wrong information about Branding that is so widespread across the Internet and business community, wherever you look today. To keep the Great Principles fresh and ready for good companies to receive their own Stand-Out, #1 Brands.

That’s why I’ve decided to keep this system well within reach of everyone who needs it.

Here's the complete system that's waiting for you:

  • Video Brand Titans® Master Course
  • Video Roll-Up-Your Sleeves Sessions
  • The Master Vault of Brand Stories
  • Brand Insurance Policy
  • Membership in the Brand Titans Community
  • Six Live Coaching Sessions
  • Certificate as a Brand Titans Brander (once you complete the Course)
    All of this for only $695

And I’ll make it even better: For a limited time, you can get our NEW MEMBER DISCOUNT!

Only $495 for everything OR just $59 per month in 10 easy installments!


CLICK on the button now for Bill's SPECIAL OFFER! One payment of...

$495.00 USD


CLICK on the button now for Bill's SPECIAL OFFER! Ten payments of...

$59.00 USD/Month

Special Brand Titans ONLY Live Coaching Sessions

I’ll start with six of these. The sooner you get in the course, the sooner you’ll have a chance to participate and get your questions answered. In these classes, I’ll also zero-in on topics of special importance. You’ll deepen your understanding and sense of ease about what’s really important—as well as build and strengthen your Brand Titans mindset. Again, this is your opportunity to get personal feedback from me.

My Guarantee to You…

I guarantee you, too, can be the #1 Brand in your category. 
On any budget. In any category. 
Or your money back.

It’s simple. Give this a try. That’s all I ask. Simply watch the Master Course and do the exercises from the Roll-Up-Your Sleeves sessions. Usually, each session’s exercises will take you less than 15 minutes. And, even if you’ve never done this before, they’re really not hard.

After you’ve completed the course, if you’re not thoroughly convinced that you know exactly how to create a Stand-Out Brand in your niche, just send me an email, tell me you gave it a try, and let me know you’d like a full refund.

My team will promptly and courteously refund every penny. No questions asked.

That’s all there is to it.

So, what are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to get in at the special New Member Discount before It expires soon:

Give me access to the course!


Bill Schley

Founder and Instructor, The Brand Titans Master Course

P.S. Remember—only 1 in 2 new businesses will survive after 5 years, according to the Small Business Administration. And a much smaller portion will be the #1 Go-To Brand in their niche. If you want to be in that small, select group, join our Brand Titans Community and get the course today.
I want the Brand Titans secrets for my business!

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"Before you spend another penny on marketing, before you pay a dollar to an agency, make sure you know the principles in this course."

Adam Strom
Founder, CEO, Mobius.MD

"Bill Schley is the world’s expert on branding a business. If you have the chance to work with him, or learn from him, you owe it to yourself to take it."

Graham Weston
Co-Founder, Former Chairman, Rackspace 

"At Bates I watched Bill creating his first TV commercials for some of our biggest clients. Little did I know that he was distilling the whiskey, preserving the whole magic formula, and decades later that he’d become the keeper of the flame."

M. Martin Morawski
Managing Account Director, Ted Bates Advertising, NY

Yes! I'm ready to become a Brand Titan!
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